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Dangerous Drugs

While just about any prescription drug can be dangerous, even deadly, if used incorrectly, the attorneys of Medical Lawsuit Group focus on widely-prescribed drugs that have proven dangerous to large groups of users. Many times, these drugs have been prescribed to thousands of people prior to the dangers and side effects becoming evident. In other cases, the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing certain drugs neglect to inform doctors and patients about known side effects, or cover them up with slick marketing campaigns. Sometimes the drug companies encourage doctors, sometimes through direct payments, to over-prescribe drugs or use them "off-label" for a medical condition they were not originally FDA-approved for.

Our associated attorneys bring actions against the makers of drugs that have affected a large group of people negatively. Many of these drugs have harmed many people in a similar way, a way that was not disclosed when the patients first started taking the drug. From increased risks of heart attacks, to certain cancers, to birth defects, some drugs have proven so dangerous that they are pulled from the market by the FDA. Oftentimes, people who have been harmed by these drugs must join class action lawsuits to receive compensation for their injuries. Some individuals prefer to bring individual lawsuits against the drug maker, but these cases are usually not eligible for the same settlement amounts that the class action or group lawsuits are.

In many cases where a large number of people have been harmed by a dangerous drug that has been pulled off the market, the pharmaceutical company responsible will pay out settlement amounts to all of the victims in the class, instead of risking large jury verdicts in court trials. Victims represented by attorneys will submit documentation showing how they were harmed by the drug, and the company will usually pay out a large sum to settle all of the cases at once. If you or a loved one has been harmed by a dangerous drug that has harmed others and been pulled off the market, early legal representation is critical to make sure your case is reviewed and submitted properly, and you are compensated for your injuries from bad drugs.

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