Testosterone Therapy Drugs Linked to Male Cardiac Risks

"research confirms earlier studies that show men with heart disease double their risk of heart attack soon after they start using testosterone gels or other supplements. And testosterone doubled the risk in men over 65 with or without heart disease" -NBC News 1/29/2014

Attorneys are reviewing potential lawsuit claims for side effects and injuries to men taking 'Low-T' testosterone replacement therapy

Common Testosterone drugs and creams prescribed to men and affected by these legal claims include:

  • Androgel™
  • Androderm™
  • Axirom™
  • Bio-T-Gel™
  • Testopel™
  • Delatestryl™
  • Testim™
  • Fortesta™
  • Striant™
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Testosterone Therapy is big business, with drug companies spending millions on marketing "Low-T" as the cause of many of the physical and emotional problems otherwise healthy men experience as they get older. These companies encourage doctors to prescribe testosterone gels and creams for men who haven't been actually diagnosed with a testosterone deficiency.

Recent studies have shown the use of these testosterone products for "Low-T" come with increased risks of cardiovascular risks, risks that patients and their doctors were not informed of before usage. Two recent studies have found that heart attack risks more than doubled in men over 65 after using low-T products for just 90 days. The heart attack risk rate tripled for older men.

If you or a loved one were prescribed testostone therapy and suffered side effects, you may be eligible for financial compensation. Claims are being filed on behalf of clients already who were affected by these testosterone products. There is a limited time to file a claim, so do not delay. Fill out this no-obligation case review form to have your details reviewed to see if you have a claim.


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