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About Medical Lawsuit Group

Medical Lawsuit Group is a network of attorneys licensed to review and handle legal issues related to prescription drugs and medical devices. Our nationwide attorneys are licensed to practice in their respective states to represent clients harmed by bad drugs and defective medical devices. Our attorneys will review your case details free of charge, and any information you provide to help our lawyers understand your case is strictly confidential. There is no obligation to submit your case details, and every submission is reviewed by a licensed attorney. The more information you provide, the better our trained legal team can assist with questions you may have about your right to recover damages or settlement funds from the responsible parties. We value your privacy and will never reveal any sensitive medical information without your express permission. If you hire an attorney to represent you, you will sign a retainer agreement with the individual attorney or law firm you choose, at no upfront cost to you. Under no circumstances will any attorney referred by Medical Lawsuit Group charge any upfront fee for representation and no fee will be earned unless money is recovered for you.

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